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Mako Slingshot

The next generation


The world's first
practical flying car

V3 & Zenith

The world's leading
powered paragliders


An advanced approach
to future propulsion


Putting rotary power
back on the racetrack

Defying convention
is in our DNA

Gilo Industries Group encompasses an array of aerospace engineering companies developing breakthrough products and solutions which change the game across defence, commercial and recreational aviation applications.

The desire to excel, to push the edge, has always been at the centre of our business; innovation and challenging convention are in our DNA. By focusing our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise each company thrives on going beyond the bounds of what was previously thought possible and allows us to build the aviation technology of tomorrow.

Six companies,
redefining the possible

Rotron Power

Advanced rotary engines providing a completely new approach to propulsion systems by redefining the relationship between size, performance, efficiency and reliability.


At the forefront of personal aviation, Parajet engineer innovative foot-launched backpack aircraft that evoke excitement and the ultimate sensation of freedom.

Mako Boardsports

Revolutionising surfing, Mako Boardsports is committed to providing awesome motorised watercraft for people who are going places and having fun getting there.

Gilo Applied Tech

Leveraging our culture of applied innovation, Gilo Industries Applied Technology helps organisations identify new opportunities and embrace the value of creating new technology.

Gilo Research

Exploring new and emerging technologies to create a vision of how the Group will shape the future and invent the next wave of cutting-edge aerospace solutions for our customers.

Crighton Racing

With its heritage steeped in motorsport success, the 200HP Crighton CR700P race bike puts rotary power back on the racetrack with performance matched only by the most advanced MotoGP bikes.

At the forefront of
Aerospace Engineering

It is our passion and determination that defines what we do as a company. It is our place at the forefront of aerospace engineering which allows us to continually push the edge. Our customers talk about innovation in our products, but what is underestimated is the innovation in our processes and operations.

Driven To Find
A Better Way

We find it hard to accept limits. Here at Gilo Industries Group, we're perfectionists; Idealists; Inventors. Forever refining our ideas and creations, always with the belief that 'we can do better'.

Obsessed By

We are passionate people in pursuit of perfection. It's our drive and determination that has enabled us to produce solutions that ensure quality, durability and high performance for our customers

Greater Than The
Sum Of Our Parts

Creative as well as technically excellent, our people are adept at collaborating. Each respects the talent and resource of the others; underpinning a single, multi-functional team approach.

An Engineered
Approach To Fun

We embrace fun and humour. These are crucial motivators that drive innovation, foster camaraderie and allow us to excel. We work hard and work smart, but we don’t forget to laugh and have fun.

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