Gilo Industries Launches Design & Analysis Engineering Consultancy

Gilo Industries Group, a British disruptive technology company, today announces the launch of a new advanced design and analysis engineering consulting service. The new division, Gilo Industries Applied Technology, will leverage the vast experience and skills residing within the Group to help organisations, inventors and entrepreneurs effectively translate emerging technologies into proof of concept prototypes and viable commercial products.

In today’s innovation landscape, time is of the essence. The current speed of innovation and the sheer velocity of technological changes shaping the modern world, means many organisations and entrepreneurs find it difficult, or are not capable of, leveraging emerging technologies effectively or at a fast enough pace. Companies cannot afford be complacent or content with development cycles spanning months, or even years.

Gilo Industries Applied Technology provides clients with a means to no longer innovate in isolation; offering a collaborative resource that allows a greater ability to investigate, contextualise and realise products and technologies at speed and with proficiency. The consultancy gives clients access to a multi-disciplined eco-system of designers, engineers and project managers that use a co-creative approach to build prototypes, proof-of-concepts and commercially viable products that rapidly and securely gain competitive advantage by hedging risks and compressing cycle times.

Gilo Industries Applied Technology boasts full engineering and manufacturing capability at its Dorset-based factory. The 40,000 square foot headquarters houses state-of-the-art facilities from concept development and prototyping through to testing and manufacture. The facility allows the company to deliver high quality, technically-demanding solutions and respond more effectively and efficiently to the needs of customers.

“Through Gilo Industries Applied Technology companies can gain access to technology resources and state-of-the-art knowledge to help develop existing and new products easier, faster and more cost-effectively”, explains Gilo Industries Group CEO Jim Edmondson. “Our research and innovation has a proven track record within the aviation and propulsion sectors, and we are increasingly being approached to provide clients with a resource asset for increased development capacity, along with a high quality knowledge resource that generates new innovative ideas and transforms the results of R&D into new products, services and better ways of doing business. With our rigorous culture, engineering heritage and vastly skilled workforce, Gilo Industries Applied Technology is uniquely placed to lead clients to the forefront of technology and innovation.”


Gilo Industries Applied Technologies is an advanced design & analysis engineering consultancy offering Product Design, Concept Development, Engineering, Prototyping and Project Management services. Leveraging a deep-set culture of applied innovation, Gilo Industries Applied Technologies helps organisations identify new opportunities and embrace the value of creating new ground-breaking technology. The company’s unique dynamic approach, market insight, solid engineering heritage, and network of industry partners will help organisations, inventors and entrepreneurs achieve the competitive edge amid marketplace disruption and effectively translate emerging technologies into proof of concept prototypes and viable commercial products.

Gilo Industries Group is a technology-led company with highly competent and professional aerospace engineering capabilities and considerable experience in aeronautical vehicle and propulsion system design. The company designs, develops and manufactures ground-breaking solutions that advance technology and discovery while meeting customer needs with high impact, best value aerospace products, systems and services. From world-class foot-launched powered paragliders to extreme ultra-lightweight propulsion systems for some of the world’s most innovative aircraft and applications, Gilo Industries Group is at the forefront of aerospace engineering.
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