Gilo Industries Invests in Machining Capability with In-House CNC Expansion

In recognition of the ever-growing demand for precision and efficiency in its manufacturing, Gilo Industries Group is delighted to announce a significant investment in state-of-the-art XYZ Vertical Machine and Turning Centres. The most recent XYZ machines to arrive at the Dorset-based engineering firm are the flagship 1060 High Speed VMC and the XYZ TC320 LTY Turning Centre. These machines brings the total of XYZ models on site to eight and will help to ensuring every component can meet the rigorous demands of its application, while substantially increasing capacity to provide clients with improved development and delivery times.

The XYZ TC320 LTY Turning Centre is equipped with a powerful driven tooling option combining high metal removal capability with a small footprint, meaning that complex components can be quickly and accurately machined, eliminating in many cases the need for secondary operations. The TC320 LTY has a 100mm Y-axis capability, live tooling and is equipped with the latest generation Siemens 828D ShopTurn conversational control. This 45hp/3300rpm machine is designed for a maximum turned diameter of 320mm and 550mm maximum turned length within a compact 3,910mm (L) by 2,060mm (W) footprint. Its 91mm spindle bore accommodates bar up to 78mm diameter that can be supported by an MT5 quill taper tailstock with 125mm of travel. A 40VDI power turret allows for fast changeover or repositioning of up to 12 tools, any of which can be milling or drilling tools driven at up to 4,500rpm. The high-speed 20hp XYZ 1060 HS VMC is capable of traversing at 43 m/min via the advanced Siemens 840D CNC and is equipped with the 18,000 rev/min spindle.

Gilo Industries Group CEO Jim Edmondson believes this investment will firmly cement the company’s position as a leading force within British design and engineering, as well as bolstering subsidiary Rotron as one of the foremost UAV propulsion system manufacturers in the world; “This investment in our future is an exciting achievement for our company, and this state-of-the-art machinery will herald a new era of performance for all present and future clients. As a growing, world class organisation that focuses on quality, innovation and continuous improvement, we have extended these values past our proprietary products and also applied them to the tools we use in our manufacturing processes.”