Gilo Speaks at UPS Business Managers Symposium

Gilo Industries Group Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Gilo Cardozo was honoured to be asked to speak at the recent UPS Global Managers Symposium held in Hinckley, England. The event was attended by operational and functional management staff from UK, Ireland and Nordic regions and focused on Problem Solving with alignment to the new UPS brand platform - United Problem Solvers.

Following a screening of the latest UPS advertising campaign which featured Gilo Industries subsidiary Parajet, a world-leading manufacturer of paramotors, Gilo explained the specific logistical needs of the Group and the need to send components across the world within a short time-frame, some of which require particular handling and secure packaging requirements.

Gilo Industries Group selected UPS as a partner, after teaming up with a web-based reseller resulted in inconsistent service due to the multiple courier companies used. Five years on, the relationship is still going strong, with UPS ferrying the Group’s components and vehicles across the globe, while simultaneously providing tools such as track-and-traceability.

Shipments are organised via UPS WorldShip - a software solution that automates shipping tasks to reduce errors while saving time and money. For urgent small components, the Group uses UPS Express Saver, which provides next-day service to most of Europe, while larger shipments are handled by UPS Ocean Freight. UPS also advises on customs and exports issues.

The UPS United Problem Solvers television advertising campaign featuring Gilo and Parajet aired during peak viewing times in both the US and Europe. The campaign communicates UPS’s unique capabilities to solve problems for all customers, ranging from small businesses to the largest global enterprises.