Gilo Speaks at Bremont Adventurers Club in Mayfair

Clients and guests at the Bremont Boutique in Mayfair, London were treated to a night of watches & tales of endeavour from Gilo Industries Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Gilo Cardozo. Each month Bremont host Adventurers Club events at the Boutique where they invite a Bremont Ambassador or an interesting partner company to share inspirational stories of adventure, exploration and innovation.

During the evening hosted by Pippa Taylor, and graciously put on by Nick and Giles English, Gilo outlined the development and challenges of taking the company’s rotary engine line from concept through to becoming a leading propulsion system in the Unmanned Vehicle marketplace.

Gilo captivated the audience with his dynamic and expressive recollections of Mission Everest - an epic challenge that saw himself team up with British adventurer Bear Grylls to fly a powered paraglider over the summit at an altitude of 29,494ft - a feat many felt impossible. Gilo had designed and manufactured a revolutionary rotary engine capable of delivering 95hp specifically for the challenge. Gilo explained that it was this test beyond endurance in the foothills of the Himalayas that led the company to develop its Rotron range of engines and provide a leap forward in rotary engine reliability and performance.

Gilo’s talk highlighted the company’s passion and commitment to building a successful British aviation design and manufacturing company with determination to deliver new innovative products that capture the imagination and evoke the spirit of adventure – an ethos shared by Bremont.