Rotron announce bespoke engine for e-Go aircraft

Rotron announce bespoke engine for e-Go aircraft


Rotron Aero has confirmed a deal to supply bespoke rotary engines for the innovative new SSDR class aircraft designed by UK-based light aircraft company, e-Go Aeroplanes. The announcement follows previous plans by the UK-based manufacturer to supply its stock 294cc rotary engines.

The bespoke engine, which will be based around the Rotron 300efi rotary engine, will be exclusive to the e-Go aircraft and will feature fuel injection and early tests are showing the SFC’s are now around the same as 4-stroke engines with the same horsepower. The bespoke engine will also use manifold air-temperature and pressure to measure mass air flow to self-compensate for altitude - essentially eliminating an operating ceiling.

“I am absolutely delighted that we can now officially talk about our plans with e-Go Aeroplanes,” comments Rotron CEO Jim Edmondson. “There has obviously been a great deal of excitement about which engine will be powering this aircraft and now the announcement has been made I think everyone can see just how ambitious all parties are to make this a great aviation package. The combination of Rotron rotary technology and the e-Go’s design gives this aircraft a successful, tried and tested platform to work with for the foreseeable future and our partnership with e-Go will dramatically accelerate development plans.”

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