Turner Twins Visit Gilo Industries Group

Staff at Gilo Industries Group were proud to welcome charismatic brothers Hugo and Ross (aka the Turner twins) for a tour of the company’s facilities and to talk about their passion for adventure and how a spinal injury and curiosity has set them on an unconventional life path.

Their adventure passion was ignited when Hugo was involved in a freak diving accident- sustaining a broken neck, aged 17. Three hospitals, a neck reconstruction and many months of recovery later, Hugo was back walking again. In the mix of emotions that followed this near catastrophic accident came an overwhelming drive to challenge themselves in the world’s harshest environments and attempting new quests which combines pioneering medical research and unique studies of historic expeditions. Since the accident the pair have rowed the Atlantic and attempted to trek the ice cap of Greenland for the charity Spinal Research.

During the presentation, Hugo and Ross twins spoke with passion, charisma and energy to elaborate on the skills they learnt and developed through their experiences and how they converted them into everyday valuable, useable and essential skills. Humorous, educational and sometimes rather squeamish to listen to, they described the high and lows of sacrificing their bodies to scientific medical research, competing against each other in extreme environments, operating with historic and modern kit and ultimately following their dream. 

The brothers are now in their final preparations for their next quest to Mount Elbrus, located in the Caucasus mountain range and standing at 5,642m (18,510ft). Mt Elbrus will be the first mountaineering objective to prepare the twins’ for high altitude and the overall goal of climbing Mount Cho Oyu standing at 8,201m (26,906 ft). The twins will be testing the traditional clothing and equipment used by mountaineers around 100 years ago and comparing it against today’s modern mountaineering equivalent.

For more information and to support Spinal Research visit : http://www.theturnertwins.co.uk