Gilo Industries & Rotron Feature in SolidWorks Case Study Video

Gilo Industries and its subsidiary Rotron Power are proud to feature in a new SolidWorks Video Case Study launched via the UK’s leading SolidWorks 3D CAD reseller, SolidSolutions. The video series has been created to discover how companies across different industries use SOLIDWORKS to get their products to market faster and for less cost.

Within the video case study, Gilo Industries CEO Jim Edmondson explains how the company had been using AutoCAD but migrated to SolidWorks for its powerful capabilities functionality, ease of use, open architecture, communications capabilities, and integration with a complete set of engineering add-on solutions.

Technical Director Alex Head and Senior Design Engineer James Cairns later go on to explain how the introduction of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM brought a considerable improvement in productivity as well as closer networking between the company’s design and manufacturing departments. The teams value the process control, workflow automation, and revision controls for the administration of diverse design data such as technical specifications, documents, technical data, and manufacturing drawings.

Jim Edmondson concludes, that by deploying SolidWorks and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, the company has been able to react more quickly and individually to customer requirements and substantially optimise coordination of departments and general workflows while supporting rapid growth within the design teams.

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