Gilo Industries Hosts Employee Sports Day

As part of our efforts to build our tribe and promote the inter-personal relationship among our employees, Gilo Industries Group held a staff sports day & BBQ at our premises in Dorset, making full use of the pre-bank holiday sunshine.

The event was conducted to encourage our tribe members to interact and develop as a team. Games such as British Bulldog, Dorset Knob Throwing, Quad Bike Racing and a Manhunt were held during the course of the event where all of our tribe members actively participated and won accolades. In order to build better interaction among the tribe, participants were then treated to a BBQ dinner and refreshments.  Finance Manager Mike Vicars and Production Technician Adam Kane took the ‘Beast’ award for Bulldog, while Production Engineer Matt Fooks won the Dorset Knob throwing. For quad biking and the manhunt, staff were split into teams with team 2 winning the quad biking and teams 7 and 8 joint winners of the manhunt.

Among the senior management present at the event were Group Founder Gilo Cardozo, CEO Jim Edmondson and Finance Director Carrie Tucker.

“Since its establishment, the company has adopted the vision of growth, prosperity and success that can only move forward with cooperation and dedication of our staff”, commented Gilo Cardozo.

“Sport is a key activity to build a robust team spirit and enhance mutual understanding, motivation and unity among employees. The Sports Day is part of the Group’s social responsibility activity aimed at enhancing internal communication among our employees to meet both business and individual needs”, adds Jim Edmondson.